About Me

What’s a good wine?

Have you ever asked that — or at least wondered as you were faced with a wall of intimidating labels?

The good news is that picking a good wine doesn’t have to be a mystery — nor does it have to be old and expensive. Even more good news: the very best wines are simply the ones you really like!

But if you would like some guidance on your next wine choice or want to know which foods and wines complement each other (known as “pairing”), you’ve come to the right place!

Don’t let the wine snobs get you down. Wine is to be savored and enjoyed.

How I got into wine.

photo by Kristy Wardell Ellison
photo by Kristy Wardell Ellison

Around the time my dad and brother started planning the family vineyard, I met a couple who owns a wine tour company. They encouraged me to become tour guide for wineries. Well, why not? So I started working a as a guide just one week later, with only that week to learn the ropes.

Then I started working part time at a local tasting room. I was fortunate that there was a lot of good reading material about wine. I was so on-fire and found everything so new and exciting.  A few short months later I became the tasting room manager; from there I leaned the ins and outs of how to run, manage, taste — and have a blast at work.

I went back to doing tours off and on for a few years, using it as a way to make contacts with industry people. I was so willing to learn  any or all things wine related from anyone who was willing to teach me,

In the meantime, we planted Syrah and Sauvinon Blanc in the family vineyard. Like most living things in Ojai, the plants were happy and growing like crazy.

I started doing private wine tastings, as well as being contracted to take Princess Cruise ship parties to area wineries, and that just added fuel to the fire. It was like the movie “Short Circuit” — MORE INPUT!

That’s how I became “That Wine Lady.” People would recognize me and say, “Hey, you’re that wine lady!”

I’m currently studying to take my Level One Sommelier test in order to move up in the wine industry and for additional exposure and credibility.

Two of my goals: to be on William Shatner’s Brown Bag Wine Tasting and the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda for their wine segment.