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What do you think I do?

So I decided to ask a few of my friends that simple question: What do I do for living?

I was actually surprised of some of the responses. While some of haven’t responded at all (yet), others responded immediately. And some people I expected NOT to respond did. I guess you never know…

TWL Wine Blogging Meme

I was extremely surprised by the responses. I was looking for some kind of smart-ass answer like “you get people drunk” or “you drink wine” or “you’re always drunk” — something along those lines. We’ve all seen those pictures ‘What my friends think I do…;’ ‘What my parents think I do…;’ ‘What society thinks I do…;’ ‘What I think I do…’ That was the gist of this blog post and I thought it was going to be to be funny and witty, but actually I ended up receiving a little gift. Continue reading What do you think I do?