Tasting Notes: Revelation Chardonnay 2012

TWL Revelation Chardonnay front label uprightEver had one of those socially awkward dates? You know the kind: You try every conversation starter you can think of and he gives you flat, one-word answers.

That’s what this wine was like for me.

I was really excited to find such an affordable (about six bucks) imported French wine. After all, the French invented great wine, right?

When first poured, the new oak smell overwhelmed me. New car smell is one thing; we all want to be around that. New oak? Not so much, as it tends to be a bit harsh… (Wines that are stored and aged in wooden barrels – usually oak – pick up added flavors. You can read about the role of oak in wine here.)

I did give the wine a few hours to open up to me (letting the wine sit in the glass for a bit to expose it to a little air before drinking. This is also called letting the wine ‘breathe.’), but it was still like pulling teeth to establish a conversation.

What I can say is that it tasted of ripe fruit. The nose (the smell just after you swirl the wine in your glass) had notes of apricot, vanilla and butter. The finish (the very last flavor or texture impression that a wine leaves) was roasted nuts, maybe cashews and peanuts.Oscar Wilde is watching you

Although this isn’t a wine that I’ll be buying again, you might have a different experience and get more from it than I did.

Maybe I should have tried talking about cats…

Have you ever had a ‘socially awkward’ wine? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Badet Clement Revelation Chardonnay Vin de Pays d’Oc 2012 from $6.00 – $8.00. Available through retail stores like Trader Joe’s.

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