Tasting Notes: Stark Raving Red

Stark RavingStark Raving Red was one of those ones wines that I just had zero expectations. Kind of like a super hot guy being down-to-earth.

Well, this  just totally blew me out of the water!

For our Yoga and Wine events in late October I chose all Halloween-type wines or wine labels and Stark Raving Red was one that fit the bill (and speaking of the bill, the price for this bottle was about eight dollars!). And for that price range this red blend is becoming one of my new favorites.

Stark Raving Red is “nonvintage,” which means that multiple vintages had been used so you will not see a year on this label. Basically wines from different years are blended together.

Whatever result the winemakers were expecting, I hope this was it. It truly was enjoyable and super memorable. In this case, going against the grain really does work for the best. I love the label art because it has a Sherlock Holmes feel.

Maybe I like this wine so much because it had that balance of femininity and masculinity with really good fruit that you could really — and I mean really — get. There was super-ripe plum, blueberries and really meaty, almost chewable, cherry. The masculine feel was the very well-balanced tannin.

I truly will enjoy this one again another perk being a screw-top, so it is picnic- or movie theater friendly; even open-in-the-dark-backseat-of-the-car-in-Las-Vegas friendly.

Stark Raving Red (Nonvintage)

Price $8.00 to $12.00 depending on where you buy it.

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