Tasting Notes: Vino Nostra 2009

Vino Nostra front label “Holy sh*t!”

…were the first words that came out of my mouth.

There was so much going on with the nose. The bouquet blended wood shavings, black licorice candy, Thanksgiving stuffing and warm banana bread.

This is a beautiful wine to watch as it comes down the glass. Surprisingly, despite the 15.1% alcohol [note: high alcohol wines are often referred to as “hot”],
there is no strong alcohol smell or burn. Because it’s such a “hot” wine, it really has these beautiful, consistent legs that meander down the glass.

We opened this bottle on Halloween and paired it with “the worst meat pies in London” (a la Sweeny Todd, but no human remains were used). It definitely didn’t over power the veggies, the flaky pie crust and the tender steak. When dinner was over we enjoyed the rest of the bottle on its own.

The overall presentation of this wine is extremely enjoyable. I love the squatty old bottles that we don’t see very often, as well as the prohibition-era, old-time gangster theme.

I word prefer a little more fruit, but other than that, I would rank it a 90.

Have you tried this wine? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Sort This Out Cellars

Vino Nostra (means “This wine of ours”)Vino Nostra fall shot
2009 California Red Blend
Price $50.00

Tasting Room Hours
10-7 Sunday – Thursday and 10-10 Friday – Saturday
1636 Copenhagen Drive
Solvang, California

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