What do you think I do?

So I decided to ask a few of my friends that simple question: What do I do for living?

I was actually surprised of some of the responses. While some of haven’t responded at all (yet), others responded immediately. And some people I expected NOT to respond did. I guess you never know…

TWL Wine Blogging Meme

I was extremely surprised by the responses. I was looking for some kind of smart-ass answer like “you get people drunk” or “you drink wine” or “you’re always drunk” — something along those lines. We’ve all seen those pictures ‘What my friends think I do…;’ ‘What my parents think I do…;’ ‘What society thinks I do…;’ ‘What I think I do…’ That was the gist of this blog post and I thought it was going to be to be funny and witty, but actually I ended up receiving a little gift.
Like most of us, I have a daily grind. I don’t always categorize mine as a “grind,” but having to work for other people in their tasting room can sometimes feel that way. It’s just like any type of industry; you can get sick of the same routine over and over and over again, no matter what you are doing.

Anyway, on one of those sl-o-o-o-ow days, while I was at work, I messaged seven or eight people simply asking them “What do you think I do?” and I got four responses back.

The responses that I got back really humbled me. And it showed me that I do work in the right industry for myself and my personality. My friends perceive that I truly love what I do. And I learned that they pay more attention to me than I thought! They don’t just see the wine drinking; they understand that there is so much more.

Here’s what they said…

That Wine Lady knows“Tara is a woman braving the whole wide world of wine one sip at a time. She brings her love of wine and gregarious spirit to her blog where she tries, evaluates, and rates various wines. What sets her apart from other wine bloggers is her keen ability to take the pretentiousness out of the process. Her candidness and thorough descriptions bring the art of wine tasting to a level that that everyone can appreciate. She defines the stuff we’re too shy to ask the typical connoisseur. Cheers!” Malory G

“You educate people on wine, tell them what wine goes with what food, you explain where the wine comes from and the different flavors. You pour wine for people, too. You give people tours to different wineries.” Michelle G

“I would say that you are an entrepreneur, blogger and wine enthusiast. You are passionate about the wine industry and are constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to share your vast knowledge (i.e. yoga and wine). You have a talent for getting groups of people together and marketing your ideas.” Katie M

“Tara is a total wine person. She understands wine, enjoys it, writes about it and shares it with you. Her vivacious energy about all things wine makes you excited to try new ones, drink more of the same, or just include it in your daily life. Do you think exercise is a bore? Try mimosas and yoga! Are you a wine snob? Tara will cure that. Every wine is approachable when you read her blog. Blogger, wine pourer, or vintner. That’s what Tara is and so much more!” Donna L

Humbling – like I said!

What would you have said That Wine Lady does? Would love to read your comments!!

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