Abridged About me…

Hi there! I’m Tara or AKA That Wine Lady, and this is my life. I live in Ojai, California. I have a great dog named Lou, who is a velcro boy.

I started working in the Wine Industry in my mid-20s. (about 14 years now) I have worked as an educational wine tour guide, tasting room manager, wine sales, and now I own and operate my family’s winery and tasting room in Ojai, CA.

I am level 2 WSET ( one day move on to level 3) and have a wine business management from Sonoma State, and I would say my superpowers are writing tasting notes and directing others to wines they will love.

Please, join me on the journey of my love of wine, cooking, and family. Yes, Lou too!


That Wine Lady

Continuation: About me, a lot of things have changed since I originally started this blog. When I first started, I knew I wanted to be in the wine industry. But I was lost, and I didn’t understand what path I wanted to take. One thing I loved was tasting room hours and wine history.   After many years of exploring (14), I am now a winery owner, a level 2 WSET, and I hold a wine business management from Sonoma State.  I continue to grow in the wine industry with education, plenty of reading, and lots of wine tasting.  I feel that my wine exploring will never be over, and it is constantly evolving. 

My first job in the wine industry as a wine educational tour guide helped me quite a bit and forced me to do a lot of self-study and learn about my local culture and history. It forced me to come out of my timid shell. When I say that I’m shy, people usually don’t believe me; they say, oh, you’re so outgoing; I always have to tell them I have had a lot of social anxiety. I’ve had to force myself to be very uncomfortable in many situations on purpose to help continue growth to become more social in groups. I have a more challenging problem one-on-one than I do with a hundred people. 

As fun as a wine tour guide was, it is a feast and famine industry during the summer months. You make a large amount of money, but during the cold months, it’s hardly any work at all. Typically these days are 12 to 14 hours with very little base pay, and you only rely on your tips, which can be extremely good when you have 30 to 40 people on tour for the day. I will happily say I don’t miss the tours at all. I enjoy talking to people more in The Tasting Room setting than I do having them with me for 10 hours. It helped me learn to network with people and help form the person I am today, which has been great, and I’m very thankful for that. 

  As a Tasting Room general manager of my family-run winery and vineyard, it keeps me extremely busy. One thing I’ve learned from working in so many different wine industry situations and locations. Their people are searching for information about the wine.

  Most people want it at a level of information that’s a little less snobby and a little more down-to-earth. What they want is to hear a good story. Stories make us feel good.

  One of my superpowers is I can humanize wine, I just want to make people connect, making people relate to wine more effortless, and they are more comfortable bringing it into their everyday lives. 

 This blog is to give trustworthy information about the wine industry but maybe coming from a slightly sarcastic or funny view or perhaps just realistic. Along the way, they share my journey through my wine life. I cook a lot too, and I will be sharing some fun recipes and food pairings along the way. What It’s like to live on a winery most days. There’s always something going on—one thing about me. 

I’m real. I’m never going to be fake or pretend to be someone I’m not.  I welcome you to email me, ask questions, follow me on social media. Most likely, just see my Lou the dog, wine, and food.  

Let us enjoy the wine together. Cheers. – Tara

wine tasting with lou