I talk about my superpower in writing tasting notes; not only do I love the activity of writing the tasting notes, it feels like my brain comes alive. It creates so much joy for me to write them for our tasting room. I have repeatedly been asked to write tasting notes for other wines but continued to turn it down. I wasn’t able to do so until recently.  One of the main reasons why I returned to my blog was from encouragement from my tasting patrons who loved the small detailed tidbits about our wines.  My past work. 

Education, With everyone pretty familiar with zoom now, it’s much easier to offer education classes for the beginners to your full staff that needs an extra edge on wine education for better service and sales.  I only use to provide to limited locations; Now, this could be anywhere in the world. I host monthly wine discussions groups, on the first Thursday of the Month.

Consulting, from time to time, we all need a helping hand or even just an ear. From my many years of experience, I am so happy to help others on their journey. Somethings we need that reminder about commenting ourselves back to work or maybe a new idea that needs some honest feedback.

Tasting Classes, Tasting can be a lot of fun; the more you know, the more fun it becomes, but be careful it’s a rabbit hole of information. With technology now, You can learn from your own home’s comfort with a supportive atmosphere and knowledgeable coach. I love teaching in this kind of environment, and you have all the freedom to ask as many questions as you would like without being in a room full of other tasters.  

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