Can you unlock the mystery of your favorite wines?

So recently Andrew and I went on a road trip to pick up a new car and on the way home I realized that I had downloaded the first four episodes of Serial, but hadn’t had a chance to get into it yet.TWL Tara in the new car

The new car is equipped with Bluetooth and all that fun stuff and the long drive home was a great chance to start listening to the podcast. But once we got home, we both ended up so busy that we hadn’t been able to finish all 12 episodes.

Well, last night we opened up a fantastic bottle of wine and decided to binge-listen to Serial. (We only got through Episodes 5-9, so DO NOT tell me the ending!) Continue reading

Tasting Notes: Smirk

Smirk uprightMoscatel is not very accessible to most mainstream wine carriers, grocery stores, and wine shops.  Smirk is exclusively available through Traveling Vineyard (affiliate link). It is an import from Western Cape, South Africa.

When you try to do a search for ‘Moscatel,’ Google thinks you mean ‘Muscatel.’ The only reference I could find says Moscatel is very similar to the Moscato grape. (If you really want to read up on this, check out Lindsay Alston’s post Muscat, Moscato, and Moscatel – Well, What’s the Difference? at Tangoitalia.)

Anyway, not being extremely familiar with this particular varietal, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. I anticipated that it was going to be sweet, since it was considered close the Moscato family. Continue reading

What do you think I do?

So I decided to ask a few of my friends that simple question: What do I do for living?

I was actually surprised of some of the responses. While some of haven’t responded at all (yet), others responded immediately. And some people I expected NOT to respond did. I guess you never know…

TWL Wine Blogging Meme

I was extremely surprised by the responses. I was looking for some kind of smart-ass answer like “you get people drunk” or “you drink wine” or “you’re always drunk” — something along those lines. We’ve all seen those pictures ‘What my friends think I do…;’ ‘What my parents think I do…;’ ‘What society thinks I do…;’ ‘What I think I do…’ That was the gist of this blog post and I thought it was going to be to be funny and witty, but actually I ended up receiving a little gift. Continue reading

Tasting Notes: Revelation Chardonnay 2012

TWL Revelation Chardonnay front label uprightEver had one of those socially awkward dates? You know the kind: You try every conversation starter you can think of and he gives you flat, one-word answers.

That’s what this wine was like for me.

I was really excited to find such an affordable (about six bucks) imported French wine. After all, the French invented great wine, right? Continue reading

Tasting Notes: 2011 Presidio Estate Viognier

2011 Presidio Viognier

The Presidio Viognier has a nice golden color due to aging in natural French oak barrels for 10 months. The outer ring has a very nice clear yellow color to it.

The ‘Nose’ [which is a tasting term that describes the kinds of smells a wine has] include green apple and plum skins, Juniper berry, honeysuckle, bananas flambé, and toffee. Continue reading